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UK Retreats

Long weekends away from it all, delving into mind-body-heart goodness, eating delicious food, saunas and massages, like minded souls, sleep, reading, creativity, and more....Retreat time really is something uniquely special

A feeling that stays with you long, long after the experience that can create shifts in perspective, mindset and energy. 


Let's gather.


A 2 night women's retreat in the woods to come back to nature, the present moment, creativity - and your wild, free self. 

Hazel H
ill Wood, nr. Salisbury
June 7th - 9th 2024



A 2 night retreat for mothers, at any phase of this journey, to sink into replenishing rest and make space for true self-care and uplifting connection.

Holwell Holistic Retreat Centre, North Devon
Nov 15th - 17th 2024


“ I have never been to a yoga class before, let alone a retreat. I came expecting to enjoy some peace, but I ended up connecting far more emotionally than I thought I would. Sally and Carolyn were the perfect balance of vibrancy and calm. Just what I needed”

“This has been such a positive experience. Carolyn and Sally you worked so well together to guide us through this weekend. There have been loads of deeply profound and powerful moments, and so much joy and laughter, which I didn’t realise I was in need of so much. Thank you so much for your inspiration. I absolutely loved this weekend.”

“Thank you Carolyn for your gentle care, time and energy, what a wonderful nourishing weekend for body, mind and soul. Such a beautiful venue, delicious food and I feel like I was supported to connect with my deeper sense of self, which I haven’t given time to for so long".

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