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3 Minute Reset

A short guided reset to invite a sense of slowing down, with mindful focus on a slowing breath.  Pause with this any time you need, and notice if a softer, steadier presence returns. 

_3 minutes to presence - ‘’inhale_ exhale’’ focus Carolyn Thompson
00:00 / 03:21

Close The Tabs and Rest

Ever feel like you're trying to hold so much in your mind its like holding loads of tabs open online?

This practice is here for you to slowly allow the mental load quieten and notice what space can be felt.

Make Space _ Close the tabs Carolyn Thompson
00:00 / 18:44

The Strength of Acceptance

Sometimes we try to control every moment to make it feel ok for us. But what is we learn from the lotus flower, knowing we can live in the mud and the tricky stuff, as we grow towards the light and stuff that feels brighter. 

Lotus Nidra - The Strength of Acceptance
00:00 / 19:43

Radical Rest

Welcome to this Yoga Nidra of Radical Rest. Let this Nidra be a friend to support you to relax, nurture nervous system health & recharge energy. We'll take our time to settle, before taking a rotating body scan, breath awareness practice & peaceful place visualisation. For any time of the day, or night.

Radical Rest Yoga Nidra
00:00 / 20:03

Rest with Intention

One for all you big hearted caregivers, parents, teachers, carers of any kind, who give out lots of love and energy. This is here for you to send this same kind care inwards. We open and close the practice setting an intention to allow rest to be received, because we are worthy of this care. Please feel free to use other words that feel more authentic to you if they come up.

Rest with Intention
00:00 / 18:46
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