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Let's never underestimate the power of GRATITUDE.

In a society where we have somehow decided the bigger, faster, shinier, more complex something is, the more value it holds - or we hold for knowing it/ doing it.

How bold, how brave, how wild it might be to really value SIMPLE, SLOW, APPRECIATION.

Of course we need to get s**t done too. Crack on. But the more we can allow ourselves to pepper SLOW moments of gratitude throughout our day, the happier and more fulfilled we might feel. Instead of rushing through, on autopilot, and missing all the moments that pass by in a blur.

Perhaps let's appreciate that first juicy bite of ripe summer fruit, share a smile with a stranger, notice the sky or day dream about a loved one's kindness when waiting in a queue instead of whipping the phone out, or perhaps linger a little longer when your neighbour’s flowers in the front garden catch your eye.

What might you find wonder in, I wonder?


Pen and paper to hand, or just take time to ponder. Perhaps 3 minutes on each, or linger longer if you have the time. (Or join me on Sunday 17th July to explore all this together)

  • What small yet mighty wonders have I noticed today / or this week?

  • Without much thought, choose one of your answers to the above and write as much detail as you can about that wonder. For example, how was it beautiful? Colours? Smells? Taste? How did it feel? What first caught your eye? - or anything relevant for you

  • Who has done something kind for me recently?... What did they do?.. How did it feel to receive their kindness?

Such questions can help cultivate a sense of gratitude, by connecting with something larger than ourselves, with intention. Gratitude research has been proven to help us feel more positive emotions, improve health and wellbeing and essentially live with more happiness.

“In positive psychology research, gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships.”

Our yoga practice on the mat can also be a place to connect to an appreciation for these bodies and all they can teach us. From lingering a little longer to the wonder of each breath (honestly, have you ever noticed how amazing it is our body knows how to do this?!) to inviting ourselves to move in new ways, or familiar ways, or by watching each thought as streams of consciousness come and go - so much wonder to notice and all simply within our Self.

Bristol yogi’s, join me on Tuesday evenings at NOW Studio, Easton 7.30-8.30pm to continue to explore softening edges, slowing down and supporting ourselves to find our own path to rest. Book here.


I invite you to remember to rest. To balance all that summer ‘doing’ with intentions of SIMPLE, SLOW, APPRECIATION.

All those yang summer vibes are great and all, but let’s remember our post-pandemic selves are still processing and need nurturing. We need to continue to remember to rest, and take time to appreciate the little things, as much as we need to get out there and play!

Join me on Sunday 17th July 8pm, online from your home to mine for WRITE & RESTORE.

A a 75 minute practice abundant with restorative rest and kind self connection through breath, journaling, supported restful yoga shapes and yoga nidra. Make time to rest for fine self so you can keep enjoying all that summer fun!

Book here to join live via Zoom, or to receive the recording if that time and day doesn't work for you.

Restorative yoga vibes aren’t just for the yin of winter, they’re for life :)

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