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Shall We Remember to Rest?

Like my new headshot? hahaha!

This was me Christmas Day... After a quick morning drive down the M4 to the nearest services to sort my epic battery buying error for his new Nerf gun. Then family Nerf war began, and this mama Ninja got serious :)

You see I'm not all about meditation, yoga and rest. BUT I find I only have the energy, patience and compassion to play / parent / partner / live in the way that feels most fulfilling to my values, WHEN I remember to rest. This cycle of awareness, energy, and love is essentially what motivates me to keep showing up for myself.

I am only human though, and I forgot about active rest a little over the holidays tbh. A change of routine and Christmas mischief does this to us all, so no big deal.

No it's time to remember to prioritize conscious REST for true self-care, whatever that looks like for you.... feels pretty kind eh?

To allow space for restorative REST is to practice being present. In this age of distraction and glorified 'busy', what could be more important for our selves and our relationships than to truly be present?

It's not just about sitting for meditation or laying down in Restorative because this body feels bloody knackered (but that's all part of the good stuff too).

To rest fully in meditation, with breath awareness or in Restorative Yoga, is to:

  • Let the mind-body know what the relaxed state of the nervous system feels like so we can access this any time of day we need to and regulate more easily

  • Pause whilst conscious and awake and hold space to process the crazy amount of content / noise / sensory stimulation we receive every second of the day

  • Learn to be receptive to the present moment, no matter what it life chucks at us

  • Notice our mindful open awareness - the part of us that is still there when the busy mind chatter quietens

  • Become more familiar of sensations inside the body and be with them, allowing and knowing they are always passing through, and not who we are

  • Practice self compassion, kindness and self-respect

  • Practice being

Rest is not a luxury. It is not selfish or lazy. Although we are conditioned to think it is.

The active conscious practice of REST is an ESSENTIAL act of looking after health and wellbeing. Not just for our selves, but for everyone we love and come into contact with.

AND because I know a lot of you reading this are parents too, this stuff is like gold-dust when supporting the rollercoaster ride of caregiving life too. (hello patience, understanding, kind boundaries, deep listening, joy, self-compassion goodness).

This is what I feel most drawn to share this year (so far). Not just for parents, because that is only part of an identity, but to anyone who needs it.

Would you like to make space to Remember to Rest and notice how this ripples out to support and light up life?

JOIN ME WEDNESDAY 25th JANUARY 2023 8-9pm TO REMEMBER TO REST (online). Booking now:

Wishing you lots of space for rest, reflection, self care and joyful vibes for 2023. Or perhaps let's start with a 5 minute meditation tomorrow and go from there?

P.S. Are you looking for the opportunity to delve deeper into your practice in 2023?

Join me, plus a couple of wonderful teachers who I am collaborating with in July and October, for a 2 or 3 night retreat. I have three retreats with availability on, all with their own unique vibe DISCOVER RETREAT OPPORTUNITIES HERE and email me to book

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