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Let's Get Together & Feel Alright.

Thanks Bob. You're so right. 'One love, one heart...''

Whether yoga asana, meditation, breathwork, or any mind-body practice, exploring these things solo is the path to cultivate over time, however community is just as important. For me, there's nothing more motivating, connecting, and uplifting than the power of getting together to practice and the sense of community that grows from this.

In Yoga we call this 'Sangha'. And this year I've been feeling this more than ever.

But what really is Sangha, how can it support us & how can we connect to it?

Sangha is a Sanskrit word meaning "association," "company" or "community”. Traditionally it was used to describe the Buddhist community of ordained monks and nuns, but Sangha is also closely connected to yoga. In the Western world Sangha has come to represent a shared sense of community that comes from gathering to practice together.

Whether you want to describe this as collective energy, fulfilment from shared purpose, group wisdom, or something else, it can be felt. Even if only coming together as a group once for an afternoon workshop or class, there is connectivity that is useful (and beautiful) to notice; there's a deep knowing we are all there because we care about our wellbeing, each other and how we are showing up in the world.

Sit with this for a moment, if you’d like to...

  • Sit, chair or ground, any way you are comfy. Wriggle in.

  • Slow down into what feels like stillness to you right now.... Take a few grounding breaths... slowly lengthen each exhale... then close your eyes, or keep eyes soft and low

  • Bring to mind a group practice, whether yoga, meditation, QiGong, mindfulness, or similar that you attended recently, or in the past…

  • Begin to feel yourself there, in the space...Take your time to bring to mind surroundings, colours, temperatures.....and the energy of others in the space….

  • How does it feel to know those other beings had made the effort to be there too?

  • Likely with their own self-inquiries and challenges to reflect on. Knowing they were showing up for themselves, just as you were, united by the practice, care & energy….

  • You don't have to put words to your feelings... hold space for them to come and go.... or lingering a little longer on your heart centre.... How does it feel, this knowing of collective intention....does this community have a colour, textures, temperatures, or something else?

  • Notice what comes up for you. Allowing yourself to rest with this (for as long as you choose / need/ have) before taking a few intentional lengthening breaths when you feel ready… wiggle into movement....

  • Open eyes when you feel ready....Welcoming yourself back with the warmth of a smile and a compassionate hand on your heart, knowing what you received, you also always share with those around you, just like our breath and the trees sharing oxygen with us

A Part of Something

Solo practice, online and drop-in classes are all useful, BUT regularly connecting with a familiar group, space and teacher, or taking a whole weekend retreat, holds such potency.

Through a science lens we can also understand that we are hard wire for connection and familiarity is useful for our nervous system to naturally settle into a practice. When we know a teachers voice and teaching style, and there’s a familiarity with a group or space, ‘rest-digest’ (aka Parasympathetic Nervous System) will be stimulated by all these messages to hear ‘’I am safe, I can settle, I am supported, I am welcome just as I am’’.

Like if you go on holiday for a few nights, do you ever notice your first night's sleep is often broken, because it all feels unfamiliar, and then by night two or three you’re sleeping well again? When our nervous-system-being has had a chance to suss it all out, this safe state enables rest.

I love this pic above on one of the first retreats Sally and I ran 5 years ago in Glastonbury. After 2 days of yoga, meditation, a long walk, sharing delicious meals, and rest, everyone felt so at ease as one community, all chatting freely or watching the sunset.

Sometimes working freelance or solo days with my son in the holidays when Jack is working, can feel a bit isolating, but then I remind myself to go to a class, or meet up with friends, or enjoy an early morning (child free) a walk and a chat with another teacher, or just to sit and reflect on the connectivity I am (we are all) part of, and the uplifting connection and inspiration from Sangha, and from the practice, is found and exchanged again… and again… and again! I bloody love it I do.

Where might you connect to the uplifting strength of Sangha this week?

More of the good stuff.

The energy that’s shared within Sangha inspires me to collaborate with other practitioners too. By creating offerings with other body-mind practitioners I can:

  • Offer you twice the amount of experience, training, knowledge, perspectives & wisdom

  • Support other passionate female independent business owners in the wellness world

  • Feel inspired & motivated by shared passions & visions to bring you even more good stuff

  • Enjoy more variety in my work rather than it always being little old me

  • Hang out with lush people who also want to share useful, nurturing & uplifting stuff to support others

What to join me for the uplifting power of Sangha?

from Classes and workshops to retreats and collaborations with some of my favourite peers, I would love to share this good stuff with you.

Have a browse on the links above or get in touch to discover what rooms are available on any of my retreats. Which one feels like the right community for you (you are so welcome at them all :)

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