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10 Incredible Things About Retreats.

In this modern world of distraction, work and toxic busy-ness, finding, focus and willpower for regular yoga, rest and exercise habits is hard.

It's not surprising that so many are now committing on taking whole weekends away to re-ignite self-connection and practice much needed holistic mind-body self-care.

But how might a weekend retreat be useful for you? Perhaps my previous retreat guests can let you know...

"This weekend was a truly deep heart felt love filled Sunshine Rae Carebear belly colour love bomb! " Polly. Feb 2023

I was tidying my desk this morning and was delighted to find a stack of humbling feedback notes from the 13 yoga retreats I have hosted (or co-hosted) over the last five years.

Having spent far too long reading them all (rather than actually sorting the paperwork ;), my retreat spark has been truly re-ignited. Here are your joys that inspire me to continue to share UK weekend yoga retreats in beautiful settings:


My Top 10 Feedback Reflections


  1. "With supportive space to reflect, I've realised I always puts myself last. I need to look after myself better and I have reset my energy to be able to focus on this."  

  2. "I've come away feeling rested and energised from such inclusive yoga, deep rest and nourishing food - and will most definitely be back! "

  3. "This was the first time I had the opportunity to be with my body since birth. I arrived sleep deprived and anxious. I have experienced such profound rest and reconnection to myself, I feel ready to nurture my son again because I took this time to nurture myself "

  4. "I didn't expect to make new friends but what a bunch of wonderful women. We shared our experience, feelings, listened, relaxed and laughed together. I will never forget this weekend "

  5. "This was my first retreat experience, and it will not be my last! It was refreshing, empowering, fun and restful - pure delight for the soul "

  6. felt safe, looked after, seen and heard, and loved that everything was optional, and without judgement to do what I needed all weekend. "

  7. "What a nurturing, open and uplifting weekend. I have never taken this much time to slow down and focus on my mind and body, away from responsibilities and routine, and with my phone off - a revelation!"  

  8. "I nearly didn't come because I was feeling so anxious, but I'm bloody glad I did! I have loved and relished every second and feel more at home in my skin than ever before. I will take the ides for mini practices home with me for daily gentle self care."

  9. "Thank you for another amazing weekend. I cried, I laughed and I found me. And I loved the person that I found!"  

  10. "A truly deep heart felt love filled Sunshine Rae Carebear belly colour love bomb! "

Retreat's are all unique, and it's important to find the right teacher, pace, location and community for you.

I welcome all levels of experience, at different venues in the south of the UK.

You can read more about my current Yoga retreats here

Please get in touch to discover room availability. Payment plans are available.



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