Yoga Nidra is THE one for me. A practice I turn to daily to balance the pace of life. It's a guided meditation of sorts, inviting us to rest in the liminal space between awake and asleep.

A deeply rejuvenating practice to unwind, soothe tension and rest from our busy days. You don't have to 'do' anything. There is no wrong way. So please save this page and return here any time you need to simply need the opportunity to explore still rest and let my words guide you to home to you. 

As ever, please listen to what feels accessible to you. Dip your toe into each practice, knowing you are your best teacher, and you can choose take your toe out any time by blinking open eyes or allowing fingers to wiggle and flick. 

This is a new offering on my website. This is just the beginning. So please pop back soon to explore new content below.

Lotus Nidra - The Strength of Acceptance
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The Strength of Acceptance

I’ve written this Yoga Nidra with the intention to cultivate a deeper sense of acceptance, and with that, allowing a greater source of inner strength and compassion to carry us through our days, as they unfold.

Gather in cushions and a warm blanket. Lay down, taking support where you need it, and simply listen, any time of day you need to rest and recharge.

More freebees coming soon!

I wonder what's next...


More freebees coming soon!

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More freebees coming soon!

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