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Rested Mother : Coming Home

Sometimes we give so much to our family and home life, we forget to tend to our own heart-body-mind with this same kindness. We're left feeling depleted, unseen, disconnected, stuck in stress or on autopilot reactive mode. 


By taking time to pause, just for you, there's space to feel the feelings, soothe the nervous system, rest and reconnect - through the body, the mind, the heart - with kindness, just as you are today. 


Experience, learn and explore Slow Self-Care that works for you and your life, through accessible and intentional restorative mind-body practices.



Through 1:2:1 private sessions, in a private small group or on a Home Retreat, we will explore (some of):

  • Restorative Yoga - Nervous System regulation, self connection, deep rest; process stress, connect to calm Mama

  • Facia Flow Yoga -  Accessible Movement in and around foundational yoga shapes; ease body-mind tension 

  • Somatic Movement  - Explore internal felt experience of the body;  Support emotional (energy in motion) awareness, and joy

  • Breath awareness - Functional breath awareness, tools; Useful for calming in the moment & co-regulation with child

  • Embodied Meditation - Sitting with senses; practice focus, mindfulness / bodyfulness and being present; useful in accepting what we cannot change in day to day Mum life

  • Yoga Nidra - Deep regenerative rest for tired Mothers to nurture your whole being


Whether for pre/ postnatal care, or any stage of the rollercoaster ride Motherhood, I can support you with regular Private 1:2:1 or small group sessions at home to connect to your inner calm - aka. useful tools for parenting life!  

Sometimes we simply need to be guided more closely. To be seen and heard. This is the most nurturing gift you can receive. 

Discover & Book

Please get in touch to discover and book the best 1:2:1 slow self care opportunity for you. 

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