movement & stillness

to invite ease, connection & rest. 


​Carolyn found her way to yoga as a release from her then high-pressured, sedentary job. That weekly yoga class really felt like the calm amongst chaos. The seed was sewn and her relationship with yoga kept gradually evolving. Yoga in its broadest sense, has supported Carolyn during challenging times of injury, lifestyle shifts (including leaving the stressful sales job), in relationships, and in living more in the present, through all of which have led to become more aware of ease when faced with challenge. How to literally go with the flow -  especially in Motherhood (slow breathing has never been more useful), and this is an ongoing journey with fluid ebs and flows all to ride and learn from.  


This is the yoga she is passionate about sharing. Yoga for real life. Yoga that nurtures and invites us to slow down a little and ease back from the conditioned pushing and striving. Yoga that gives us permission to go easy on ourselves with postures as a place to explore from and around, without a goal, but with the power of self acceptance.  


Yoga as a tool for self-discovery, curiosity and connection, with balanced effort with ease, for kids, pre/postnatal women, and anyone who would like to slow down the pace of modern life. 

A long weekend woodland retreat in June. Retreat to the woods, restore, move & be still, connecting to your GLOW.

Mindfully Rise! Facebook Lives with me 2 times a week 8.30-9am. Breathe & gently move, connecting with easeful intentions to carry into your day.

A gentle restorative yoga live Zoom (weblink) class from my home to yours, to connect, rest and feel calm. 

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