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Hi. I'm Carolyn.


Take a breath. Or five. Just as you need to...... How do you feel now?


To practice with me is to slow down, soften edges, let go of the strive and feel into a more spacious sense of self. 


It is always YOUR practice. This is the ultimate strength, I feel. Not the tugging and pushing to increase muscles or flexibility (although this 'might'  naturally happen over time),  but connecting closer to the wisdom of our body-mind. Explore stillness, rest and movement with compassion, patience and awareness, taking what you feel drawn to, listening to what your true self really needs for nourishment.


The more we practice on the mat, the more we will notice our intentions rippling out into day to day life, not only in the way we treat not only ourselves, but each other, our children, pets, and the planet too! 

So come practice with me, in Bristol, online, in schools, or on retreat perhaps, because connection and community is what it is all about. 

With love.


Motherhood Yoga 

Taking care of ourselves is part of taking care of our children.


I am a Mum of one incredible (I am biased) kid. Born June 2013, my life hasn't been the same since. I love being a Mum, learning from the whole messy ride, and know how flipping hard it can sometimes be to find a moment for self care, let alone a whole hour. 


I also know from this journey how supportive a slow, grounding yoga practice can feel. How much more patience I have when I take 10 minutes to sit silently. To take one slow intentional breath, or repeat a mantra of choice when we need it, can offer so much strength to our caregiving days.  


Little and often is the key Mama. 

Find me in Bristol for in person Motherhood Yoga classes, currently supporting new mothers during their first year in this role. 

Children's Yoga

Children's yoga is a fun, accessible and creative way to nurture health and wellbeing from an early age. They love it!


Mixing calm and thoughtful, with creative and playful, and with positive yogic-values weaved through every class, yoga nurtures, inspires, and empowers the whole child. 


Passionate about bringing yoga to Primary Schools, classes within the school day provide equal opportunity for every child. Not only does this support their learning and social behaviours, but If children can learn self-care, awareness of feelings and importance of wellbeing from the age of four, just image how much value this will bring to their whole life.

They always love the opportunity to lay down and rest too. So let us nurture young bodies and minds, not just in 'exercise, good food and learning, but by giving them opportunity to learn the value of stllness too. 

Spacious     Creative     Nurturing     Sensitive     Grounding

Practice with Carolyn as an opportunity to explore your yoga, through restorative and intuitive movement and stillness. Modern life can feel fast, we all carry so much, so let's practice letting go of some of the stress and tension, moving with awareness, softening our edges and discovering all the spaciousness that the present moment already holds - when we take the time to notice. 

Meet yourself just as you are in the moment, lean into what you feel (and yup, sleep deprived, knackered, and achy is all welcome) and practice working compassionately with that, with all soft strength you already hold, in heart, mind and body. 

Inspired by wisdom from ancient yogi's and modern science, I love weaving themes within flows, mindful pauses and Yoga Nidra (such a rejuvenating meditation) inviting your journey in and around foundational yoga shapes, with cultivating awareness in breath, and the felt body. If you need Child's Pose for an hour, take that. If your body needs to move a little faster, to shake it out and process, go with that. Noticing how we feel, and responding to that is such a strength for life.

Whether you are 4-11 and tuning into your create self expression, playing yoga games with me at school, or you are a Perinatal Mum, or a woman seeking a sense of community, join me on the mat, just as you are, and practice coming home to you. 

What they say

Carolyn’s yoga classes have been incredible. I have found myself able to release tension and rest even after the most challenging days. I have learnt so much about myself and my yoga practice, Carolyn is a wonderful teacher. I really recommend Carolyn and her classes to anyone.

Carolyn is a wonderful yoga teacher and her practice has been a tremendous support after pregnancy and labour. Carolyn’s gentle, effective approach has helped me to restore confidence, balance and a positive connection with my postnatal body ~ Olivia



My online classes with Carolyn have truly helped my mental state massively, especially throughout lockdown. Carolyn’s classes have allowed me to pause, reconnect with my body and completely relax, which I would not had been able to achieve by myself ~ Hannah


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