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I'm Carolyn, and I support women to explore inclusive and restorative yoga

that reminds our wise body-mind how to find ease in movement and rest. 

I love weaving modern science and ancient yoga wisdom, through breathwork (pranayama),

Hatha Yoga shapes (asana), somatic movement (felt sense of the body), mindfulness meditation and restorative yoga

to support you to explore a your practice. 


In our disconnected, speedy and stressed world, I am passionate about teaching yoga through an

anxiety and trauma sensitive approach. This means I suggest and offer options, and useful mind-body practices, for every individual to feel personal agency over their mind-body experience. ​​​

Thank you for being here. I look forward to connecting with you. 

With love,



Where you can find me sharing yoga

Classes in my local community

Private 1:1's and small groups

 Workshops and afternoon retreats

UK Weekend retreats

Children's Yoga in Primary Schools

Free meditations here

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​​​​Settle your nervous system, find space to ride the waves of life with a little more ease

Soothe your body-mind, find space for a softer, peaceful breath​​


Support your whole Self to soften into restorative rest

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