Yoga. Meditation. Movement.

Come home to your wonderful self

Yoga For Mothers

Whether a mum-to-be, a new Mother or Mother of young children, practising with me is an invitation to pause and come back home to you - body, mind and breath.


To send your loving kindness inwards, at a time when you give so much to others.


Life can feel fast, so let's intentionally slow down and explore a mindful, and bodyful practice, feeling into what you need in that moment and learning to respond with patience, compassion, strength and awareness - on the yoga mat, and for life. 

So let's connect and create community, because there's nothing like a yoga practice with a group of Mum mates to lift the soul. 


Yoga for Kids

Kids yoga is a fun, accessible and creative way to nurture health and wellbeing, whilst inspiring and empowering children with tools for life.


Mixing calm and thoughtful with creative and playful, and with positive values weaved through every class, Kids Yoga nurtures and educates the whole child. 


Shared with children as part of the school day, I am passionate about supporting schools in educating healthy, happy bodies and minds. 

To Practice With Carolyn is...

Opportunity to explore your yoga, through movement and stillness, in and around foundational yoga asana (postures) to discover the spaciousness of the present moment. 


To support the body to unwind, to release stress and tension, inviting a natural felt sense of ease to body, mind and breath.


To notice all the soft strength you already hold, in heart and body. 

To meet yourself, just as you are in the moment, and discover your incredible breath as an anchor to the present moment.


To lean into how and what you feel, in the moment, meet yourself there (and yup, sleep deprived, knackered, and achy is all welcome) and learn to work with that. Explore yoga shapes, movement and still rest, noticing feeling and all the wisdom we already hold. 

Inspired by knowledge from both ancient yogi's and modern science, I love weaving connected movements with yoga postures, inviting you to find your flow, with ease in breath, acceptance in feelings, strength in softness. If you need Child's Pose for an hour, take that. If your body needs to move a little faster, to shake it out and process feeling, go with that. 

Whether you are 4-11 and tuning into your create self expression, playing yoga games with me at school, or you are a Perinatal Mum, join me on the mat, just as you are, and practice coming home to your amazing Self. 

What they say

Carolyn’s yoga classes have been incredible. I have found myself able to release tension and rest even after the most challenging days. I have learnt so much about myself and my yoga practice, Carolyn is a wonderful teacher. I really recommend Carolyn and her classes to anyone.

Carolyn is a wonderful yoga teacher and her practice has been a tremendous support after pregnancy and labour. Carolyn’s gentle, effective approach has helped me to restore confidence, balance and a positive connection with my postnatal body ~ Olivia Hall



My online classes with Carolyn have truly helped my mental state massively, especially throughout lockdown. Carolyn’s classes have allowed me to pause, reconnect with my body and completely relax, which I would not had been able to achieve by myself


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