"Inspired by the body, creativity and the evolution of yoga, I hold space for you to slow down, notice the subtle through exploring movement, breath and stillness. I guide you to connect to your Yoga as a tool to grow, develop self awareness and nurture self care every day. ''


​I found my way to yoga as a release from my then high-pressured, sedentary job. That weekly yoga class really felt like the calm amongst my chaos. The seed was sewn and my relationship with yoga just kept growing. I have felt the support of yoga, in its broadest sense, during challenging times of injury, lifestyle shifts (including leaving my sales job), motherhood, and the general ebbs and flows of life, especially in Motherhood. This is where I now find my deepest connection with Yoga; as a tool for discovery and self-care, to support the pace of modern life in my own practice and for all those I connect and share with. ​

Initially studying Hatha Yoga at Bristol School of Yoga (200hrs) in 2016, my ongoing studies (Vinyassa Yoga with Ashley Bond / Children's Yoga with Collins & Barth / 'Yoga Like Water' Immersion With Dan Peppiatt) have hugely evolved, inspired and supported my teaching practice. I continue to learn, study and investigate teaching tools and ideas, with an ongoing focus to simplify, demystify, and share a relevant practice for the communities and individuals I connect with.​

In our classes, workshops or retreats together we might move with fluidity in and around postures, explore intuitive flow, connect with subtleties in breath, or play with props in new ways to notice and break movement habits, or simply have fun - there’s a load of release to be found in fun too. Stillness will always bookend practice, with spacious moments to sit, lay down, breathe, rest and be.​

I'm also passionate about giving kids opportunity to explore physical movement more during the school day whilst also nurturing wellbeing by giving them opportunity to feel still and calm too. So whether you're 4-11 years old and playing yoga games with me and your whole class at school, or we meet at a studio where I am guiding you through restorative flows, it will always be a supportive space to explore YOUR yoga; to explore you.

Yoga With Carolyn

Carolyn Thompson


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