Hi, I'm Carolyn.


To practice yoga with me is opportunity to practice your yoga, with intention, through foundational yoga shapes, intuitive movement and restorative stillness. 


The words acceptance, compassion and connection are ones I come back to time and again in all that I share. Through noticing states and feelings in our body, breath and mind, there is opportunity to practice more bodyfully (perhaps more so than mindfully), just as we are. We practice true self care - care for our deeper sense of self - creating a little more awareness and understanding every time we show up on the mat; even if for 2-10 minutes each day. I am a big fan of 'little and often' to support daily life. 

Inspired by ancient wisdom, as well as contemporary movement practices,  modern science and motherhood, I am on and ongoing path of learning and discovery, and I feel so humbled to be able to share it with others. So whether you are 4-11 and play yoga games with me at school, or we connect in practice, in class, online or on retreat - thank you for taking the time for you.  The more we show up for ourselves, the more we can show up for others. 


Motherhood Yoga 


Time and space for you, when you give so much love to others.


Steady, gentle, grounding yoga supporting new mothers to take a little bit of time for self-connection, whilst also finding strength in community with other new Mums. 

Find me in Bristol for in person Motherhood Yoga classes via the button below. Or please get in touch if your antenatal group are looking for a private class.

Children's Yoga

Fun, accessible and creative classes to nurture health and wellbeing from an early age. They love it!

Mixing calm and mindful, with creative and playful, together with yogic-values weaved through every class, yoga nurtures, inspires and empowers the whole child. What better tools to learn for life than the power of breathing for emotional regulation, mindfulness and positive physical connection?

Discover more about the benefits of yoga for children for your Bristol Primary School via the button below. Or get in touch to enquire about yoga at your school. 




Carolyn’s yoga classes have been incredible. I have found myself able to release tension and rest even after the most challenging days. I have learnt so much about myself and my yoga practice, Carolyn is a wonderful teacher. I really recommend Carolyn and her classes to anyone.

Carolyn is a wonderful yoga teacher and her practice has been a tremendous support after pregnancy and labour. Carolyn’s gentle, effective approach has helped me to restore confidence, balance and a positive connection with my postnatal body ~ Olivia



My online classes with Carolyn have truly helped my mental state massively, especially through recent times. Carolyn’s classes have allowed me to pause, reconnect with my body and completely relax, which I would not had been able to achieve by myself ~ Hannah


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