A 3 Day Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat

Thurs 20 - Sun 23 Feb 2020

Bridport, Dorset

Joining forces again with the inspiring Sally Davis from Leap Mindfulness I can't wait to share this nurturing three night winter retreat in West Dorset. Slow down, rest and restore, with love.

The Weekend.

Sharing nourishing morning yoga practices, I will ease us into each day, exploring postures, intuitive flows, movement and breath-work; essentially encouraging you to tune into what feels good for YOU in that moment. Through fostering greater conscious connection with body, mind and emotions, we can learn to live with intention and compassion in every moment.

Weaved throughout each day Sally will share her abundant healing energy and smiles, creating beautiful supported environments to guide group journeying meditations, creative sessions, journaling workshops and healing. Whilst creativity sparks joy and spontaneity, time for stillness allows space to listen to deep thought and nurture connections to our deeper true self. Accessibility is something Sally and I are both passionate about therefore this retreat is open to anyone and everyone. 
Each evening will lead us deep into the slooooooow lane with restorative inspired yoga and meditation practices. Cushions, bolsters, eye bags, oils and candles likely. PJ’s welcomed.

Between guided practices there will be plenty of space in the schedule to simply be, to rest, explore the landscape, make new friends, read, nap... or anything else your heart desires! 

















The Accommodation.

This meditation and retreat center in West Dorset is surrounded by the wonders of nature. Rolling hills are there for a ramble, and with the stunning Jurassic Coast just two miles away, wintry sea walks are available to enjoy at your leisure too. The accommodation is split over two buildings and offers solo occupancy options (with double bed or single bed) and shared rooms for two people (either sharing a double bed or a bunk bed). There are 4 bathrooms for us all to share, as well as shared dining area and a meditation and yoga room, plus a heated indoor swimming pool to enjoy. 

A vegetarian chef will look after us breakfast, lunch and dinner, preparing delicious and nutritious meals. All drinks teas, coffee and snacks will be available any time.

Solo Occupancy Room - Double bed            £460pp
Solo Occupancy Room - Single Bed             £425pp

Twin Room - 2 friends sharing double bed    £380pp

Twin Room - Bunk beds)                               £320pp

Only £100 Deposit is needed to secure your place. Remainder

payable 4 weeks before retreat.

All fully included:
•    Daily yoga practices - M
indful Morning Flow & evening

Restorative Yoga or Yoga Nidra
•    Daily guided journeying meditations
•    Creative mindfulness workshops
•    Vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared by private

     chef using home grown or local ingredients 
•    All tea, coffee and biscuits 
•    Indoor swimming pool
•    Exclusive use of communal spaces, conservatory & 

     meditation room 
•    All bedding, a hand towel and a bath towel
•    Plenty of parking

Please get in touch to inquire about availability and to book. 

(Please note, personal travel expenses not included.)

''I have loved every minute of the retreat, I've learned so much about myself in 3 days and made some wonderful friends. I'm going to take all this positive energy away and incorporate it into everyday life. Thank you.''

For more images and info on the accommodation click here  

''Carolyn & Sally, you were both incredible! The joy and openness you bring to your retreats is amazing. I've had some truly fun physical experiences, exploring yoga in new ways. Yummy evening restorative definitely restored energy levels. I've had some life changing meditation experiences that have left me 100% sure that I'm on the right path in my journey. Thank you both.''