MORE EASE PLEASE - Yoga to Release Tension & Create Space

Sat 1st Feb 2020 - 1115 - 1345

Now Studio Bristol  //

A workshop exploring your yoga shapes, movement, and supported still places to release tension and feel abundant with ease - in the studio, and beyond.

With yoga on the mat (venturing off the mat will happen in this workshop too) as a tool for developing self-awareness, experience yoga practices, flows, intuitive movement, ideas, and intuition play, with opportunity to pause and notice along the way. Intentions of ease and spaciousness will be our guide.

What does ‘ease’ mean anyway? Does it mean ‘easy’, or can we feel ease with effort present too? There’s value in playing with such polarities, to support the process of noticing and feeling more ease effort can also be our guide. You are your own best teacher though so your practice is for you to connect with on the day, giving yourself what you need in that moment.There is ease to be found in self-acceptance there too. 

Shorter practices will lead into a longer evolving flow, followed by cosy, supported rest to close the workshop allowing space to absorb all we have experienced and leave us feeling abundant with ease, inside and out. 


Who is this workshop for?

Whether yoga practitioner, teacher, bodyworker, human being.... we could all benefit from a little more ease in our lives. So anyone and everyone who is interested in experiencing a variety of accessible yoga practices, with an open mind, to release tension and feel more ease in their body - this is for you.


Through experiential learning (ie experiencing to learn) these tools and ideas will stay with you beyond the studio, and with practice, can support a greater sense of spaciousness and ease within the ordinary rhythms of daily life.



£25.00 pp


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