Kids Yoga to Empower & Nurture

Kids Yoga educates children about the amazing connectivity of their body, brain and breath.


Through fun movement games, play and quiet rest, themed with positive values such as trust, self-belief and kindness, Kids Yoga empowers the whole child with wellbeing tools for life.

Laughter, movement and quiet relaxation releases tension and stress from fast growing bodies and minds. Diverse movement opportunities create new neural pathways.  So Kids Yoga is not only wonderful in the moment, but nurtures happy receptive bodies and brains ready for learning once back in the classroom too. 


I liked the bit where we did the dancing, I did a funny wiggle dance and laughed


I liked it when we lay down waiting for the butterfly to land, it was

quiet and relaxing

Squirrels, Reception Class,

Chandag Infant School



Benefits of Kids Yoga 

  • Increases physical literacy, strength, balance, co-ordination and mobility

  • Develops self-confidence

  • Develops self-awareness, awareness of others and positive body awareness

  • Offers a non-competitive environment

  • Builds communication and listening through team work

  • Teaches how to rest to feel calm, releasing tension and stress

  • Empowers children to learn self-soothing and breathing tools

  • Develops focus and concentration

  • Encourages creativity, expression and fun

  • Teaches self-care

  • Teaches positive values such as compassion, respect, gratitude, acceptance and trust

It was fun being animals and

making noises

I love yoga, it is the best bit of my day. It makes me smile.


Hedgehogs, Reception Class,

Chandag Infant School


Thank you so much for our Yoga Day. Every year group and the staff loved the games, learning the yoga poses and really enjoyed the relaxation stories.  The children have followed up by doing more yoga in class and using techniques to focus on their calm breathing. In the future, we would love to have you back at The Meadows.

— The Meadows Primary School



I wanted to pass on how much I think our children have benefitted from having your yoga sessions this year. Not just the yoga but your presence with them is so calming and reassuring. This was noticed on our Raising Attainment visit last term & the School Council also talked about the benefits it brings of ‘being calm, feeling peaceful and resting worries!’. So thank you and we hope to work with you again next year.

—Chandag Infant School


Wow!  What a relaxing and energising break from our busy lives.  Carolyn created a calming space for both adults and children to concentrate on their bodies, senses and mind.  All children engaged fully in the sessions as they were fun, age appropriate and accessible to all. 

Thank you for a great yoga workshop day

— St Werburghs Primary School



  • £30.00 for 1x 30 minute class - ONLY £1.07p per child, per class (based on 28 pupils)

  • Book more than one year group per term and receive a 10% discount on all additional classes


Minimum booking

  • One hour (2 x 30 minute classes), once a week, for one term

  • Small focus groups up to whole class groups. The latter with a class teacher or TA present

  • Focus day / half day to support school enrichment activities such as Sports Week or Summer Camps. Please get in touch to discuss ideas and rates for these



  • Sports Premium Funding / Pupil Premium Funding is a popular option

  • I have experienced parents paying for kids yoga during the school day

  • I also have experience working with smaller groups of children who receive Pupil Premium Funding, working with SENCO’s to support specific pupil objectives

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