Connecting children with yoga and mindfulness from an early age offers opportunity to explore and learn wellness tools, not just for childhood, but for life. 


Kids yoga not only develops strength, mobility, balance and coordination, but yoga also supports wellbeing through emotional and social development in a wide variety of ways.  Accessible to all, no right or wrong, kids yoga offers opportunity for every child in the room to be seen and feel empowered by being their awesome selves.         

''I liked the bit where we did the dancing, i did a funny wiggle

dance and laughed.'' 

''I liked it when we lay down waiting for the butterfly to land, it was quiet'' 

''It was fun being animals and making noises'' 

Hedgehogs, Reception Class, Chandag Infant School.

Fun props, sound makers and a wide variety of group games, encourage children to explore yoga and mindfulness through play. The benefits of regular engagement are vast as they have the opportunity to practice....

  • Gross motor skills such as mobility, coordination & balance

  • Concentration & focus

  • Creative thinking

  • Listening

  • Confidence through self expression

  • Communication & team work

  • Resilience

  • Emotional regulation 

  • Breathing as a calming superpower

  • Kindness

  • Relaxation tools

If you are a Bristol Primary School committed to supporting your pupils' wellbeing, from Reception through to Year 6, as well as lunch time Mindfulness Meditation for Teachers, please get in touch to arrange an initial conversation about your needs and how I can help.  

My 30 minute sessions work well as weekly classes for any year group during the school day, however one day workshops, lunchtime clubs or enrichment weeks to support wider school activities are all options too. 

Please get in touch to discuss if you are a Primary School and would like to find out more. 

'Wow!  What a relaxing and energising break from our busy lives.  Carolyn created a calming space for both adults and children to concentrate on their bodies, senses and mind.  All children engaged fully in the sessions as they were fun, age appropriate and accessible to all.  Thank you for a great day.'

St Werburghs Primary School

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