''Breathing in, I arrive in my body. Breathing out, I m home.'' Thich Naht Hanh.







FLOW TO RESTORE  9.30-10.30am

St Werburghs Community Center


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Space238 www.space238.co.uk

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A gentle accessible yoga practice to slow down, reconnect with a sense of ease and nurture physical and mental wellbeing.

Grounded in breath awareness, I will guide you through a mindful moving practice for you to take the yoga shapes you need (there are always options and suggestions), and inquire into sensations, variations and accessible flows. Stillness will bookend movement in every class, with plenty of time to lay down and simply 'be' at the end of each class. A practice to slow down, reconnect, balance out the pace of modern life and invite energy and ease for your day ahead.


Sunday evenings are for resting and resetting ready for the week ahead. Lay down and settle in. Take your time here. When you feel ready to move, slow intuitive movement will journey you around seated and lying shapes. Staying close to the ground movement will dissolve into stillness with the support of props to experience the calm of deep conscious rest. A slow nurturing self-care practice to invite a sense of  spaciousness into your week.

Chilled tunes, fairy lights, blankets, eyebags, oils and bolsters will help guide the way.


MoveGB members: all classes are available on all price plans.

£8 drop in / £6 concessions

Please talk to me if you'd like to practice and finances are a challenge, we'll make something work.


Essential oil blends to stimulate the senses are likely to be diffused in class. Please let me know ahead of class if you have any allergies to oils.  

On Mondays, Thursday afternoons and Fridays I can be found sharing yoga play with children during the school day in Primary Schools or 121 with Parent & Child.  Click here or connect with me directly for more information.

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training / 200hr

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Yoga Like Water -  4 Day Weekend Immersion Teacher Training

Dan Pappiat

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