Gathering inspiration from yoga's rich melting pot, from Eastern philosophies to modern ideas from the West, from books, poems, life experiences, nature, motherhood, and more. I share non-dognatic foundational practices, restorative styles and Yoga Nida meditations from the heart. Holding space for the individual to explore self discovery with curiosity, for you to explore your yoga - your breath, body and mind and wonderful uniqueness.

''Carolyn’s yoga classes have been incredible. I have found myself able to relax even after the most stressful of days. I have learnt so much about myself and my yoga practice, Carolyn is a wonderful teacher. I really recommend Carolyn and her classes to anyone.''

Children are such naturals at exploring movement and stillness creatively - they are my favourite teachers. Sharing Kids Yoga in Primary Schools is such a joy! Fun yoga games and mindfulness activities nurture little bodies and minds offering them simple tools for self regulation and opportunity for movement and rest during the busy school day.

Currently I am mostly found exploring my practice through movement, journaling, yoga nidra, parenting and attempting to live in the moment every day. 

Hopefully see you soon.

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Teacher Training & Ongoing CPD

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training / 200hr

Bristol School of Yoga - Laura Gilmore

Vinyasa Teacher Training /16hr

Flying Monkey Yoga - Ash Bond

Poppy Perinatal Yoga TT/ 30hr

Poppy Perinatal Graduate 30 hr - Charlie Speller

Childrens Yoga Teacher Training / 30hr

Collins & Barth School of Yoga - Jane Collins

Yoga Like Water Teacher Training

- 4 Day Immersion

- Beyond Mind (Online Course)

- Functional Breathwork

Physio-Yoga Spinal Anatomy Workshop / 5 hr

Kate Brandon

Yoga Nidra TT / 40hr - Summer 2020

This life.



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