I loved dancing as a child, I didn't know it, but that was my yoga; my flow state perhaps. Art college led to Design at University, creativity has always felt natural; creativity is my yoga. Yoga connects me to my inner creativity and passion for discovery through personal experience.  Gathering inspiration from yoga's rich melting pot, from Eastern philosophies to modern ideas from the West, from books, poems, life experiences, nature, motherhood, and more. I share foundational practices, flows, restorative style and meditations from the heart, holding space for the individual to explore self discovery with curiosity; holding space for you to explore your yoga - your breath, body and mind and wonderful uniqueness.

''Carolyn’s yoga classes have been incredible. I have found myself able to relax even after the most stressful of days. I have learnt so much about myself and my yoga practice, Carolyn is a wonderful teacher. I really recommend Carolyn and her classes to anyone.''

Children are such naturals at exploring movement and stillness creatively - they are my favourite teachers. Sharing Kids Yoga in Primary Schools is such a joy! Fun yoga games and mindfulness activities nurture little bodies and minds offering them simple tools for self regulation and opportunity for movement and rest during the busy school day.

Currently I am mostly found exploring my practice through movement, journaling and yoga nidra. Planning and creating online and in person classes, curating two retreats for 2021 dates, and hanging out at skate parks or in the woods with my 7yr old son. 

Hopefully see you soon.

With love,